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Toxic Corporate Culture

By March 22, 2022Article

A common misconception on toxic corporate culture thinks that it only occurs in large corporations where competition is fierce and accountability is low. Yet workers report that the same toxic corporate culture is also found in smaller and less hierarchical companies. So, what is a toxic corporate culture? And what are the signs to watch out for to overcome it?

Many corporate wrongdoing cases were not just the work of a single—or even a few—”bad apples.” Instead, it appears to have been embedded within a company for quite some time. According to Eric Schneiderman, an Attorney General of New York, hundreds of very high-level executives and engineers knew about these cases of wrongdoing because the court could not find one email suggesting employees should cease their wrongdoings. So it’s clear that this was a corporate culture—a toxic corporate culture. 

The question remains, how do you know your company is facing trouble? Forbes Coaches Council suggest that you look out for these signs:

  1. Unmotivated Employees
  2. Dissatisfaction and Workforce Anxiety
  3. High Turnover
  4. Being All Things to All People
  5. Lack of Core Values
  6. Failure to Meet Deadlines and Goals
  7. Lack of Empathy
  8. Feeling Unappreciated
  9. Disengagement

Fixing a toxic corporate culture is challenging, but it is not impossible. With the right approach, you can turn around employees’ and managers’ viewpoints — or find new ones who share your vision — and create a more positive corporate culture.

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